She’s the British celebrity who has made millions.

In an outburst on US television, The X Factor judge branded the British as ‘privileged’ and out of touch.

Speaking her mind on her television show The Talk, Mrs Osbourne said: ‘I don’t believe you’ve met with many English people. They do live in a bubble.’

The British celeb continued her thoughts by stating: ‘They go to these special schools, where they don’t socialize with people every day.’

I always feel that those who have consistently had a privileged life – family, schooling and an A student — I feel that those people are very narrow minded, in the sense that they haven’t experienced much of life – the hardships.’

She went on to state that: ‘The British don’t understand what hardships are’.

Last year, the family spent 9 million to get a palatial eight-bedroom mansion in Hollywood’s elite Hancock Park neighbourhood. The X Factor judge’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne, 33, attended a private school in the UK prior to moving to America.

The opinionated Sharon Osbourne, 65, proceeded by stating that her outspoken words affected her career. This statement was made once the Oscar-winning celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence, revealed that she was almost fired from the set as she questioned a director.

Admitting this has also happened to her, Mrs Osbourne expressed her feelings regarding the entertainment industry.

She says: ‘People often say, “oh no there is no such thing as blacklisting. It is completely illegal. We do not do this. We don’t hold grudges here”.

She continues on by stating: ‘But they do. And they do not overlook it, because they have power in the hiring process – they don’t forget or choose not to. And if you voice your opinion, it’s held against you.’

As Jennifer Lawrence said: ‘ “you’re trouble, you’re a big mouth, you’re out “.’

Currently the coordinator of the girls category, Mrs Osbourne, will focus on her remaining act, 20-year-old Grace Davies, as she will compete in this weekend’s final.