It’s no secret that Ellen DeGeneres is unquestionably the queen of daytime television. She’s been the reigning queen for more than a decade with her successful talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ while connecting to her audience near and far with her uplifting and humorous personality.

That said, it appears that Ellen may wish to give in her two weeks. As the gossip continues, a celebrity insider states that the talk show host is reportedly wishing to abandon ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. This may be difficult to believe since she consistently provides the world with a source of entertainment that no other talk show host can. Why, you may ask? Well…

A source revealed that it might be to repair her relationship with her wife Portia de Rossi.

The couple married in the year of 2008, and have been inseparable ever since. However, it has been alleged that the A-list couple’s marriage has degenerated as Portia feels that her needs are being neglected. With the tremendous success of the show, Ellen has found it difficult to provide Portia with what she truly wants.

If Ellen could give her the world, she would, wouldn’t she? So, what does Portia truly desire? A family.

However, Portia de Rossi is “pressuring her to consider retirement in the hopes of putting their marriage back on track.

She reportedly “asked Ellen to not renew her contract so that she can be a better wife to her. She told her that she needs to focus on her family.

These reports haven’t been confirmed at this time, and Ellen is still required to host the show until 2020, as per her contractual agreement.